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eBL Endorsements



“Bolero is committed to championing the collective endeavour to advance the adoption of electronic bills of lading. Our ongoing engagement in standards and interoperability initiatives underscores our dedication to realising the transformative potential of digitisation." 


Andrew Raymond, Managing Director at Bolero.

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"For CargoX, collaboration in digitalization is an essential element of global trade in the future. We find global standards and interoperability between electronic trade document platforms a key element in the success of any and all platforms, as well as for the success of companies, financial institutions, and even governmental entities who facilitate international trade.”


Peter Kern, VP of Commercial, CargoX 

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DBS Bank

“Trade digitalisation has accelerated in recent years, with the shift being sustained as trade players recognise the important role it plays in strengthening business resiliency and efficiency. Now more than ever, interoperability and common standards are crucial to prevent digital islands from forming while lowering the barriers of entry to create a network effect. DBS has been at the forefront of trade digitalisation and we are proud to participate in the eBL declaration alongside like-minded partners to help push a more seamless and effective trade ecosystem across the line.”


Daniel Lit, Group Head of Documentary Trade, Global Transaction Services, DBS Bank. 



“We strongly support the standards and collaboration as means to get interoperability and, thus, speed up eBL adoption for the benefit of the entire community. At edoxOnline we are committed to keep working with all stakeholders to make this happen. Working together on the challenges and barriers, and how to overcome them, is the only way.” -


Alejandro Pernías, President & CEO at Global Share S.A. and Global Share North  

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“GLEIF is delighted to partner with the FIT Alliance on the “Declaration of the Bill of Ladings (eBL)” for a more efficient trade ecosystem based on digital standards. We support the initiative by leveraging the Legal Entity Identifier, an established open-source, interoperable code based on the ISO 17442 standard for verifying counterparties globally. By integrating the LEI into digital supply chain systems, enterprises can benefit from improved transparency, reduced fraudulent activities, and enhanced operational efficiency by lowering costs for paperwork.” -


Stephan Wolf, CEO Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation. 



“We are witnessing a watershed moment in the journey towards paperless trade. This declaration is another important milestone of mass eBL adoption for all forms of shipping. GSBN is fully committed to the eBL digitalisation and will continue to provide the infrastructure necessary to fully take advantage of new opportunities created by the digitalisation of the sector.”  


Bertrand Chen, CEO of GSBN 



“Electronic Bills of Lading are a focal point for digitization of the trade ecosystem and industry collaboration is critical to make paperless trade a reality. As a member of ICC’s DSI Industry Advisory Board, we see this as a positive step forward and HSBC is well placed to support clients in this journey towards end-to-end digitization.”


Venkatraman Panchapakesan, Managing Director, Head of Products and Propositions for Asia Pacific & Global Head of Trade Services for the Global Trade and Receivables Finance at HSBC 



“Stakeholder input and collaboration is crucial to achieving market adopted standards. We thank the FIT Alliance founding members for taking on the essential task of collating critical input from a wide range of stakeholder groups to create modular, iterative standards that are key to accelerating global trade digitalization.”


Alexander Goulandris, Co-Head, ICE Digital Trade. 



“Taking proactive steps to drive digitalization in shipping and adopting digital solutions can boost global adoption of standards-based electronic bills of lading. Moving towards the more widespread use of electronic bills of lading represents a significant step forward for the shipping industry. This, in turn, can supercharge shipping and global trade.”


 IQAX CEO Romney Wong 



“As eBL solution provider, SECRO Inc. is fully committed to collaboration with all stakeholders in international trade. Secro supports FIT Alliance in its work to develop, adopt and promote eBL and eBL standards. With secure, scalable, intuitive and globally recognizable eBL SaaS, SECRO is ready to engage in digitalization of commodity trade documents.”


Piotr Cichocki Managing Director – Europe 

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“SGTraDex is proud to be part of FIT Alliance's eBL movement which marks a pivotal step towards modernising global trade. We firmly believe that industry-wise standardisation and recognition of eBLs are key to further digitalisation and enhanced efficiency in international trade.”


Ms Thaw Yee Leng, Head of Market Development, SGTraDex Services. 

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Tata Steel

"Signing the FIT Alliance eBL Declaration underscores Tata Steel's resolute drive for digital progress in global trade. We are already making visible progress in integrating data-driven insights, automation, and smart solutions to enhance operational efficiency, optimize processes, and create value for all stakeholders. Embracing universal eBL stands as a bold testament to our vision for an agile, responsive, and resilient steel supply chain of the future.”


Jayanta Banerjee, Chief Information Officer, Tata Steel. 

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“TradeGo is a blockchain based platform focusing on international trading digitization. We declared to commit ourselves to collaborate with FIT Alliance members and other stakeholders to support and promote eBL standards. We look forward a universal eBL.” 


America LLC 



 “TradeWaltz Inc. is pleased to be an Early Supporter of the FIT Alliance. As one of the Japan’s digital trade platforms, we hope to work with ICC DSI and our partners to promote the digitalization of international trade and contribute to making trade more secure, effective, and sustainable.”


Hirohisa Kojima, President and CEO, TradeWaltz Inc 



We fully support the FIT Alliance’s vision for a standards-based electronic bill of lading (eBL) and its potential to revolutionize the shipping industry. This is the path to progress, and we are committed to being part of the journey toward a more efficient, sustainable, and interconnected global supply chain."


Noam Rosenfeld, CEO, WaveBL 



"In 2023, a centimeter-thick stack of paper should no longer slow us down in international trade. At Lenzing Group, we proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with industry visionaries, driving the adoption of electronic bills of lading. Our dedication to digital standards and collaborative efforts reflects our commitment to streamlining global supply chains. The FIT Alliance signals a transformative shift towards a more efficient, reliable and sustainable future for global trade."


Thomas Panholzer, Vice President Global Supply Chain at Lenzing Group



“Surecomp is delighted to be part of the eBL Declaration by the FIT Alliance, a critical body driving awareness and enablement in the use of electronic bills of lading. With the passing of the ETDA last week and the timely completion of our first eBL transactions, our digital hub RIVO is poised to support every importer, exporter, financier and freight carrier ready to capitalize on this turning point in digital trade.”


Enno-Burghard Weitzel, SVP Strategy, Digitization & Business Development, Surecomp

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