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We are thrilled to announce our endorsement of the "Declaration of the Electronic Bill of Lading," a pivotal milestone in the journey toward digitalisation in international trade.

📜 This declaration underscores the important role of Electronic Bills of Lading (eBLs) in driving efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and security within the world of international trade.

🌍 The adoption of eBLs is just the beginning—a significant step toward realizing a more connected and efficient global trade ecosystem.

🤝 The eBL declaration is an initiative of the FIT Alliance, a powerful collaboration between BIMCO, DCSA, FIATA, ICC, and Swift, coming together to drive change.

👉 Join us in embracing this exciting future. Explore this initiative and sign the eBL Declaration at

#100percenteBL #DigitalTradeRevolution #FITAlliance #eBLdeclaration

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